Even cooler Cali pinot
Terrific deluxe meritage from Two Sisters
A cool California chardonnay
Pinot grigio beats chardonnay!
Frame-up: The Beer Store, beer tax and beer prices


Posh up your chardonnay

I tasted a few fine chardonnays that will be released on November 26. One rare treat is a very old Chablis. It's not often that we see a 13 year old Chablis launched on the market - and alas it's priced considerably higher than most...


Cali Chards: Still Packin' Wood

They're still wedded to oak when it comes to chardonnay in California, but some winemakers are taking a more delicate approach.


Yellow Jersey

Wines in plastic bottles? Well PET packaging is supposed to be more environmentally friendly, the screwcaps mean bottles are resealable, and the wine's not bad...



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