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Volcanic wines

As one of Canada's top sommeliers and wine writers, John Szabo is always on the lookout for something new. After selecting a few "cool new wines" for a tasting a few years back, Szabo noticed that they were all from "volcanic" soil regions - Santorini, Mt. Etna and Lake Balaton in Hungary. He decided to put together an article about volcanic wines, and it turned into something much bigger than expected. It's now a big, beautiful book. 


County Fair

The annual Terroir Festival is on in Prince Edward County this weekend. Take an early-summer trip to Picton to taste 20 or so PEC wineries' products, Saturday May 26. No car? There are shuttle bus options from town.


Sugar Codes Deep Sixed

For several years the LCBO has been trying to come up with a replacement for the "sugar code" that's been adorning shelf labels for decades. They've now released the new beast.


Celebrate Malbec with the World

It's World Malbec Day on Tuesday April 17. Or, as the organizers seem to be calling it, Malbec World Day. Join Angela Aiello and the iYellow Wine Club, or open up a malbec at home.


Iowa Caucus Decides

Not for the unstable and quirky Republican party leadership campaign for the US 2012 election, but for wines from the midwestern state. They voted for a VQA system, modelled on ours.


Lawrence Buhler's Day On

Lawrence Buhler has been appointed Vice President, Winemaking at Colio Estates Winery in Lake Erie North Shore. Will we see a new batch of big reds from the Deep South?


BC Winemaker Back in Town

Pascal Madevon is the winemaker for BC's classy Osoyoos Larose, which I've been collecting since the first vintage, 2001. The 2007 is now out and he'll be in town to promote.


So You Think You Can Taste?

Then sign up for the 8th annual Wine Tasting Challenge at the Four Seasons on Monday, Nov. 21. Test your tastebuds against the city's best. Trips, cash, dinners, wines to be won.



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