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London Calling

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Nestling hard by Clapham Common tube in a delightful pedestrianised street, opposite the Clapham Picture House cinema, the attractive and traditional Moroccan restaurant Argan specialises in mezze, such a lovely way to eat, but also offers tagines and many other traditional dishes. The restaurant serves European wines but also offers a selection of Lebanese wines. We sampled Domaine des Tourelles, a rosé.

The waiter commended us on our choice as the perfect companion to a mezze for an outdoor table. On first glance we were delighted by the perfect salmon colour of the wine, reminiscent of the finest Provence offers. On first taste we were a little surprised by the prominent saline notes of the wine, but guess what, as you eat, the sharper notes in the wine are softened by the flavours and textures of the food and then the delicate red berry fruits come out and a hint of honey. A lovely summer lunch in London.

Richard Pearce

Argan Restaurant. 73 Venn Street, Clapham Common, London SW4 0BD





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