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Posh up your chardonnay

But we'll start off gently and work our way up...

Jackson-Triggs Okanagan Estate Grand Reserve Chardonnay. Vintages 467563 | $19.95
Strong competition for Niagara with this great price/quality ratio offering. Nice complexity here with a rather woody nose with fresh lemon under. Fuller bodied, smooth and a bit creamy on the palate, which also has butterscotch and a smoky finish. 

Fielding Estate Bottled Chardonnay 2014. Vintages: 355842 | $21.95
A good wine from a reliable Niagara producer. Muted nose with a bit of white fruit coming through. Smooth on the palate, which has a pleasing oaky note, as well as butterscotch and lemon. Nice fresh finish. 

Domaine Daniel-Étienne Defaix Côtes de Lechet Chablis 2003. Vintages 470435 | $51.95
The nose tells you right away this isn't a regular Chablis - the aged notes are evident. Darker colour, darker flavours including overripe lemon and wet leaves. Acidity still nicely fresh though. This is a different flavour profile, but a fine example of an aged chardonnay.

Kistler Sonoma Mountain Chardonnay 2013. Vintages 183921 | $111.95
The price is painful but my goodness is this ever good. I'd give it 93 points (I just checked and it turns out that's what Wine Spectator gave it). Kistler is just about the best chardonnay you can get in California, and it beats the vast majority of Burgundy too, in my view. Rich honeyed nose with some woody notes. Super smooth palate, with honeysuckle, lemon, white fruit, a hint of marshmallow and a nice mineral note. Great fresh finish. Great nuance and complexity.







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