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Tasting Notes

Chenin blanc from... India?

India is not at all a wine culture. However, it does have a growing middle class with an interest in keeping up with global trends, including wine. The wine shop I went to in an upscale New Delhi mall was not huge - the size of a typical shopping mall boutique - and fully 99% of the wines in stock were imported.

The industry in India is really just in its infancy, with just a few wineries producing any kind of volume. There are some near perfect winegrowing climates in the north of India, so it was a bit of a surprise to learn that Fratelli, one of the bigger Indian wine companies, has vineyards south of Mumbai in an area with a tropical monsoon climate. The state of Maharashtra tourist board website says that winter is a "cool dry spell" with temperatures ranging from "12C-34C"... sounds like summer in Canada!

Fratelli Chenin Blanc 2014, Rs650 (approx. C$13)

Light and fresh on both the nose and palate, this chenin lacked some of the richer fruit characteristics (maybe apple, pear, tropical) you'd expect from a French or South African version, but it was nicely crisp and lemony. Some chenins can be off dry, but this one was dry. Perhaps not terribly characteristic of the grape, but a very enjoyable fresh white all the same - ideal for a steamy hot day.


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