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Pinot Noir

La Crema Pinot 2014

The grapes used in La Crema's Sonoma Coast pinot come from different vineyards around the Sonoma Coast region and are then vinified by Canadian-born and educated winemaker Elizabeth Grant-Douglas. In what reads almost like "oh yeah, the weather", the company's spec sheet for the wine states that "conditions for the 2014 harvest were once again near ideal". 

La Crema Pinot Noir 2014 | Vintages 719435 |  $29.95

Bright, light ruby colour but then big and powerful nose with earthy notes dark ripe cherry fruit and some strawberry and raspberry too. Medium bodied on the palate which is on the darker side - I detected a hint of kirsch and cocoa. Surprisingly light finish brings us back to Pinot and the ripe fresh fruit reminds us it's California.



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