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Cool California Pinot

Sonoma Coast isn't really a "cool climate" zone (average daily high temperatures above 28C from June through September), but with its cooling ocean breezes at night and in the mornings, grapes can retain acidity levels better than those further inland. And the bonus is that the hot California sun ripens all the grapes fully, something that doesn't always happen in more northerly latitudes.

La Crema Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2013 [719435 - $31.95]

Vibrant bright lighter red colour. Rich nose of ripe red fruit, mainly cherry, with darker undertones of earthiness and a pleasing floral note. Fuller than expected on the palate, but still medium-bodied. Lots of juicy fresh ripe berry fruit, good tannin and acidity levels. Sleek, smooth and dry, La Crema is definitely a California pinot, but on the restrained side, not over the top. Nice uplift on the fresh fruit finish. Fine wine, worth the price.


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