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Rose in bloom

Although I, and the people of France, drink rosé all year round, most Canadians consder it a "seasonal" wine. Well, if you're a spring and summer only rosé drinker, the shelves have been stocked for you. The LCBO actually did it several weeks ago, but the weather's been so un-springlike it seemed perverse to discuss it. Here are a select few good value rosés to consider.

Chateau des Charmes Cuvee d’Andree Rose (Winery, online, Ch. des Charmes Toronto store at Delisle Court, Ottawa store, and a few bottles at LCBO 333260 | $14.95)
Pale but bright pink colour and a fairly bold and fruity nose on this 100% pinot noir rose. Fresh raspberry and a light herbal note. Great freash acidity and though it's dry, there's a pleasing sweet hint, especially on the finish. Quite full on the body too.

Lafage Miraflors Costes du Roussillon Rose (LCBO 367375 | $15.95)
Light nose with a bit of floral hint. Very smooth and very dry on the palate. Lighter bodied, elegant pale salmon colour, crisp acidity and a nice lemon note on the finish. This was my favourite of the roses.

Cellier des Dauphins Cotes du Rhone Rose (LCBO 367391 | $12.85)
Muted nose with not much going on, then dry and fresh on the palate. Nice lemon note, good colour, lighter bodied. Great value.

Peninsula Ridge Top Bench  Rose VQA (LCBO 324541 | $11.95)
A surprisingly well priced brute of a rose from this reliable Niagara producer. Top Bench has a big and bold nose with raspberry fruit and even a bit of cherry. Very big and fruity (for a rose) on the palate. It’s off-dry (17g/L residual sugar), however there’s enough acidity to give it a good fresh finish.







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