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County Fair

The   Crystal Palace at the Fairgrounds in Picton: 20+ wineries, lots of good food.



Terroir has become a feature of late spring and last month a number of PEC wineries came to town and I got an advance taste. Those who fret about the sometimes super astringent acidty levels in County wines will be pleasantly surprised by the 2010s - that warm summer delivered bigger, fuller wines (by County standards) and my big discovery was some great new pinot gris wines.

Chardonnays and some of the red blends are fuller too, and the pinot noirs are fruitier, but still very "cool climate".

PEC is a growing foodie destination, and the organic and the artisanal will be there with their wares as well. Tickets are $35 in advance and $40 at the door. Order here.

With a two-hour each-way drive, it's doable as a day trip - but with the glorious weather forecast for Saturday, stay overnight and drive back in the rain on Sunday.

More into a group thing? Check out the Savvy and iYellow Wine Club options - including a shuttle bus from Toronto from the latter.


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