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Every interest group or industry lobbying any level of government has got to prove that it's making an important contribution to the community. The wine industry has more government involvement than most, including a dense patchwork of regulations. The Wine Council has for years rightly focused on the economic importance of the industry, so solid figures are important, and third-party ones are even better. They asked auditors KPMG to crunch the latest industry numbers and distill them into actionable soundbites.

With $268 million in sales in 2011, VQA wineries together represent big business. Nearly $100 million in wages and salaries are paid out yearly. Over 1,300 new jobs were added in last four years, and there are  spin-offs like wine tourism: wineries together get over one million visits a year and those visitors spend on a lot more than just wine.

No doubt there is a dense and multi-layered spreadsheet with multiple formulae and links on a hard drive in a gleaming downtown skyscraper that can prove this assertion, but KPMG's conclusion was: "The total value-added per litre of the Ontario VQA wine industry is estimated to be approximately $12.29."

Gotta love the "approximately" followed by a to-the-penny figure...

Want a summary of the economic impact of VQA in ON? Download the PDF here.



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