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Lawrence Buhler has been appointed Vice President, Winemaking at Colio Estates Winery in Lake Erie North Shore.

Buhler graduated from the CCOVI program at Brock University in 2002 and has spent the past eight years at Peller Estate Winery.

Locals in the Lake Erie North Shore area, the southernmost part of Canada and indeed it is discernably warmer than Toronto or Niagara, refer to their area as "the deep south". The area does have a better shot at producing "big reds" than Niagara, especially due to its warmer fall season. Colio has in the past produced some terrific meritage blends so hopefully we'll see that continue. Buhler says he's “thrilled to be starting this new adventure with Colio. I look forward to working with the team and producing some outstanding wines.”

Buhler has worked in BC, Chile, Argentina, and Australia, and he will be in charge of Colio’s entire wine program.

Jim Clark, President of Colio Estate Wines, was not only pleased to nab Buhler from Peller, Clark felt it signified a step up for LENS: “To be able to attract someone of his calibre is a testament to both our company and our unique region.”


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