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Fine Wine Auction

After the live fine wine auction, Vintages' ran an E-Bay style online auction at the end of last year and almost all of the lots sold, including a number that generated back and forth bidding.

Hammer price and number of bids on each lot is recorded on the Waddingtons website, and a look through shows almost all of the hundreds of lots sold. This is good as it will reassure sellers that the Vintages Auction is a viable sales channel, encouraging future submissions.

A lot consisting of three 1998 Bordeaux, including Chateau Pavie, racked up 38 bids, but most lots had just a handful, so prices did not rise too much about the reserve.

The one area that seems to have gotten the cold shoulder is the very high end - the First Growth Bordeaux and Chateau Petrus. These are  crazily overpriced so it's kind of heartening to see they were left on the shelf. A number did sell of course, but the leftovers were still priced in the thousands per bottle even after being discounted following failure to sell in the main auction...

Ten years ago the top twenty Bordeaux wineries were very expensive, now they are extortionate. They have become a luxury adornment, like an apartment on the Upper East Side or jewellery from Asprey... the wine is very good, but the label is the important determinant in the value attribution.

The live auction took place at Waddingtons in October and the online auction in November. To find out how all the lots fared you'll need to follow a 2-step process. First, download the

PDF of the prices realized

This should appear in your downloads folder. It lists the lots by number and then gives the dollar value of the sale, then

open up the auction book

to see the lots and what was included.




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