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Tasting Notes

Value VQA Cab-Merlot

I was once told that it's extremely difficult to get a bottle of VQA wine to market for less than $12, and a look at the pricetags bears that out. So finding a good Cabernet Merlot blend at $13.75 is great news for VQA fans. 

The first Reif Estate vines were planted in the late 70s and the winery opened in 1983. They've recently released their 2012 Cabernet Merlot, a ripe, fresh crowd pleaser with plenty of fruit. 


Try This!

Argentine Malbec Mimics Bordeaux

Sort of. Actually in some ways it's better than a lower-priced Bordeaux because the fruit is so nicely ripe. Bodega de Los Clop has been making wine in Mendoza since 1880 is family-run. The Los Clop is a terrific, smooth malbec that feels more Old World than New World. Excellent quality/price ratio too. 



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